Saturday, May 1, 2010

13 Months 'Til The Big One

My thoughts this time next year will be very different...  I will be 39 days away from the biggest exams of my life so far.  I’m talking about the big one - the Leaving Cert.

So far I’ve done fudge all this year except a hell of a lot of English.  Ordinary level Maths is lovely and easy.  Irish, oh Irish my old friend, I once loved you.  You were my favourite but now that idiot of a teacher has tragically made you one of my foes.  History is turning out to be a lot harder than I first thought.  So many essays, so much to learn, yet so little time.   Tech – I love you!  No homework and the chance to mess around with drawings on a laptop – what more could you want?  French is pretty cool.  Where most people hate the subject I actually like it.  And Art, Art is great once you take away the Art History side of it.  I still fear I won’t be prepared for it this time next year though.

Fourth year is almost over and I have achieved so little.  I’m going to have to start working, fast.  As for Irish grinds are always an option.  I must remember not to put all my time into English though.  It most certainly will be my downfall.

Mise le meas,